Beijing Dairy Cattle Center (BDCC)
Be composed of Beijing breeding bulls station , Beijing dairy cattle breeding farm , Beijing dairy cattle new technology company , Beijing dairy products inspection service. There are also 5 departments in our center,as follows, Breeding, Embryo Engineering, Science and Technology, Semen and Embryo Sales and Accounting.

Beijing Breeding Bull Station
Founded in 1973,Beijing breeding bull station was the first bull station in China, and it was also the first bull station authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture. The main task of the station is to breed superior bulls of Holstein and other breeds and provides excellent frozen semen for improvement of dairy, beef and yellow cattle. The station holds more than 200 superior Holstein bulls, beef bulls as well as dual-purpose breed and produces over four million doses of frozen semen. Our technology and administration are proven to be of excellent standard by the Ministry of Agriculture. All the products of frozen semen accord with the national standard, and are assessed to be the recommended products by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Breeding Farm of BDCC (BFBDCC)
The national major breeding farm of dairy cattle, was founded by Beijing General Corporation of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce in 1991 with the support of Ministry of Agriculture and Beijing municipal government. Its mission is to build a breeding base and scientific model farm to accelerate genetic improvement of dairy cattle and promote dairy industry by developing superior bulls and cows, producing high quality embryos with advanced technologies and equipments, enhancing modern breeding principles and methods for dairy cattle.
Picture(left) is the latest blueprint of BFBDCC.  

Beijing Dairy Cattle New Technology Company
The company aims to develop products for dairy cattle, and provides technical services for dairy farms: extending new technologies and products, technological consulting and training. We have developed series of products for artificial insemination (AI) and mastitis treatment and have marketed them to 26 provinces and cities in China. We also provide services in veterinary medicines, farm equipment manufacturing and feed additives production, as well as farm design and farm management.

Beijing Dairy Products Inspection Service Center
was authorized by Beijing Technical Inspection Bureau in 1986,and by ministry of Agriculture in 2004. The center can able to test a great deal of milk products including fresh milk , UHT milk, yogurt, milk powder, cream, cheese. It has laboratories of DHI, ICP, physical & chemical analysis, spectrum analysis and microbiology.
The center adheres to its quality policy: fair behavior, scientific method, accurate data, good service. The service would like to provide good service for customers and to plays a significant role in the improvement of dairy products in our country.

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