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       Beijing Dairy Cattle Center (BDCC) , the subsidiary company of Beijing San yuan Breeding Technology Co.Ltd, is the leading enterprise that makes top-level bovine genetics and services for our customers. The bullstation of BDCC has been at the forefront of dairy genetics since its founding in 1973.
    NOWWe operate the most sucessful dairy breeding system in China using the world leading technologies and genetic sourcing to harness the power of sustainable development across our extraordinary technical team. BDCC hold more than 200 superior Holstein bulls, beef bulls as well as dual-purpose breed which produce the highly fertile frozen semen and embryos. Our products have been popularized to more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. BDCC plays a significant role in the improvement of dairy cattle in CHINA.
BDCC strives to provide more profitable bovine genetic and service to customers in China .We would like to co-operate with all friends for to make a promising future.

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